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Why should I pay AFTCO a fee to buy a dental practice?

Just read the following letter sent to us by a dentist who chose to work with a unilateral, seller broker and see his results...
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Can a doctor who has been an associate with one practice his entire career (at the time, 18 years) possess and own his own goodwill and be able to sell it?

Absolutely. Goodwill is the relationship between the doctor and the patient. Practice ownership is not an issue. The patients don't go to a doctor because that doctor owns or does not own the practice.
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Dentists + Statistics = Dentistics! Were you ever curious about what the ratio of dentists to patients in an area was? Or the ratio of specialists to general dentists? Find out this and more with AFTCO Dentistics!

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This loan amortization calculator shows you the breakdown between principal and interest in your loan payments. Each calculation shows you amortization tables with complete amortization schedules for the loan.

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Thinking about a change of scenery? Find out everything you need to know with complete demographics including income and housing reports, occupation and employment reports and much more!

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Ever wonder what happened to your dental classmates? Find them now with the AFTCO Dental Alumni Search. Choose your school and year of graduation for search results.

Client Testimonials

"My transition process was great! My analyst was very knowledgeable, thorough and consistent."

Sharcola D. Vaughn, D.M.D.
Stockbridge, GA

"My AFTCO Analyst was absolutely fantastic and professional. She took the time to answer my questions and guide me throughout the process."

Madalina- Elena Iorgulescu, D.M.D.
Morristown, NJ

"I felt that my AFTCO Analyst did everything possible to ensure that my transition went smoothly. She was always available for advice and to answer my questions."

Thomas J. Sniscak, D.M.D.
Belmar, NJ