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"My AFTCO Analyst was exceptionally talented, knowledgeable and proficient!"

Anthony J. Warren, D.D.S.
Alamogordo, NM

"I cannot thank my AFTCO analyst enough. He was knowledgeable, thorough, and patient throughout the process. I feel like both the buyer and I walked away with a win-win situation. All credit goes to my AFTCO analyst."

John E. Tillman, D.D.S.
Johnson City, TN

"Great service with a great Analyst. There were no surprises and everything that My AFTCO Analyst did went exactly as planned. I highly recommend AFTCO."

Carl D. Bilancione, D.M.D.
Winter Park, FL

"AFTCO's knowledge and insight into the unique problems encountered by dentists is extraordinary. I feel that I have really received a tremendous jump-start on my career."

Michael Wiesner, D.D.S.
Shreveport, LA

"I appreciate all the hard work AFTCO put in to make the transition as easy as possible for both sides. I was just going over the numbers for the first half of the month and if we stay on schedule, we should hit 400k this month without ortho!"

Mike Caparas, D.M.D.
Fort Worth, TX

"My AFTCO Analyst understood my concerns and fears and made me feel comfortable."

Martin J. Metler, D.D.S.
Troy, MI