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"AFTCO Analysts are the only people in the business that seem to know what they are doing."

Rashmi Swamy, D.M.D.
Novi, MI

"AFTCO has a warm, relaxed, knowledgeable approach to transitioning a practice. I was very comfortable with the appraisal and marketing of my practice and my AFTCO Analyst."

Lance Robinson, D.M.D.
Sharon Hill, PA

"My AFTCO Analysts were very diligent and thorough in all aspects of the transition from a buyer's and seller's perspective. I felt safe and confident that from the initiation to the end every detail was be handled correctly and fairly."

William R. Laney, D.M.D.
Cheraw, SC

"My AFTCO Analyst impressed me from start to finish with caring, accurate, thorough, and reassuring service. I do not feel that I could have come to a better result with transitioning my practice."

Richard S. Teel, D.D.S.
Salem, OR

"My AFTCO agent was easy to work with, professional, and helped sell my relatively small to medium size rural practice in a little over a year. Excellent result. Thanks AFTCO!"

Stephen Spyrison, D.D.S.
Freeport, IL

"Making the decision to purchase a dental practice was stressful enough, but my AFTCO Analyst made sure that every last detail was taken care of, and was also available for any questions or concerns I may have had. Today, I am in the perfect practice for me and I have AFTCO to thank!"

Shwetha G. Silver, D.M.D.
Atlanta, GA