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"My highest recommendation to dentists, of any level of experience looking for a smooth transition, is to go with AFTCO."

David K. Cho, D.D.S.
Lakewood, WA

"The most important part of any business is the people that are working for you. We are working with AFTCO because of its analysts!"

Mili D. Patel, D.M.D.
Odessa, FL

"My AFTCO Analyst is one of the sharpest, most informed and helpful people I have ever met. It was a most rewarding experience working with her. Her combined knowledge of practice sales, legal contracts, and applied psychology made her an invaluable resource."

Michael S. Burstein, D.D.S.
Dix Hills, NY

"It is obvious to anyone that has worked with my AFTCO Analyst that he loves selling dental practices. He is enthusiastic and dedicated."

Gayle Doores, D.D.S.
Dallas, TX

"The professional and expert advice and service received is well worth the fee paid. I have no regrets and would not hesitate to recommend AFTCO to any of my colleagues."

Michael J. Zimmerman, D.D.S.
Columbus, OH

"AFTCO really came through with excellent contracts. They were great mediators between me and my associate. I felt that we were both treated fairly and were happy with the end result."

Mary K. Roth, D.D.S.
Rapid City, SD