Dental Practice Transition Client Testimonials

"My experience with AFTCO was a very pleasant, professional one. AFTCO made the process of buying my practice very easy. I would highly recommend AFTCO to my colleagues."

Margo R. Marveggio, DMD
Vicksburg, MS

"I had a great experience with AFTCO in my practice transition. At first the process seemed challenging, however with the right coaching from my AFTCO Analyst, the process became more efficient and easier to go through."

Junaid M. Farooqui, D.D.S.
Orlando, FL

"My AFTCO Analyst was very professional. My practice sold with ease and my AFTCO analyst was a pleasure to work with."

James P. Zientek
Sheboygan, WI

"In this highly competitive profession, it is refreshing to have a quality firm like AFTCO to which a dentist can turn for expert advice and guidance. AFTCO truly understands the dental profession."

Richard N. Vest, D.D.S.
Birmingham, AL

"AFTCO made the difficult process of selling my practice very simple, and helped me in every phase along the way. My AFTCO Analysts were very nice to work with, were as attentive as could be, and always available to discuss any hiccups along the way. They made everything very simple for me, in other words, THEY did all the work, and this was a BIG bonus for me, as other companies wanted ME to do all the work, and pay them to evaluate my practice. Overall, I would gladly, and enthusiastically recommend anyone I know to work with AFTCO on buying or selling a practice."

George F. Kirkland III, D.D.S.
Durham, NC

"The experience was most professional and extremely comprehensive. I heartily recommend the services of AFTCO."

Earl Hydrick, D.M.D.
Tuscaloosa, AL

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