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"My Analyst was an invaluable source of knowledge and support in the purchase of our practice by my associate. I sincerely believe that he was instrumental in creating a "win-win" experience for me as the seller and my associate as the buyer. My Analyst was ALWAYS available with prompt answers to our many questions and concerns. His knowledge is invaluable. In a related matter, my attorney read and re-read several times, the sale contract and related documents. His statement to me was basically, "Each time I read the contract, I come away more impressed. These people know what they're doing." Once again, my family and I and my new partner thank you for a job well done."

Jeffrey L. Aagaard, D.D.S.
West Des Moines, IA

"My AFTCO Analyst is sincere and helps both the buyer and seller. He is very professional and is why I continue to do business with AFTCO."

Tiffany M. Danyal, D.D.S.
Harper Woods, MI

"My AFTCO analyst is the most dedicated, responsible, and resourceful person I have ever worked with and you can print that! The valuable education I received was easily worth 10 times the fee that I paid."

Steven Polevoy, D.M.D.
Ryebrook, NY

"I’m a “dinosaur” so my contemporaries and colleagues have retired before me. They are the dentists that recommended my AFTCO Analyst to me. However, rest assured if I talk with younger colleagues as they approach retirement, I will recommend my AFTCO Analyst and provide his contact information."

James S. Stelzman, D.D.S.
Morristown, TN

"Overall, I would say that my experience with AFTCO was good."

Kimberly M. Anderson, D.D.S.
Hamilton, OH

"I found that my AFTCO Analyst was extremely efficient in getting the sale of my practice completed and extremely fair in representing both me as the seller and the buyer. The appraisal process and the price that was negotiated were fair and equitable."

Wallace V. Teuscher, D.M.D.
Vancouver, WA