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"In this highly competitive profession, it is refreshing to have a quality firm like AFTCO that a dentist can turn to for expert advice and guidance. AFTCO truly understands the dental profession."

Gloria J. King, D.D.S.
Houston, TX

"It was easier than I ever expected and did not involve much of my time. My AFTCO Analyst did it ALL."

Gerald L. Knoedler, D.D.S.
Duluth, GA

"My experience with AFTCO was absolutely flawless. My AFTCO Analysts made what I thought would be a very burdensome process a delightful pleasure."

H. Lee Gardner Jr., D.M.D.
Hartsville, SC

"My AFTCO Analyst was absolutely a joy to work with. His professionalism and experience were much needed in what turned out to be anything but a routine sale. I would recommend AFTCO to any of my colleagues."

Paul D. Ellington, D.D.S.
Potomac Falls, VA

"My analyst not only provided me with excellent advice, he helped the seller and me work out some potential difficulties that could have broken the deal. A practice sale can be emotional and stressful for both the buyer and seller. Our analyst helped us stay focused on the final goal."

Susan K. Robins, D.D.S.
Carnation, WA

"I chose AFTCO because of the personal attention given to me by my AFTCO analyst."

Louis J. Naman, D.M.D.
Mobile, AL