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"I am happy with the support provided and information offered to me by my practice analyst during and after practice transition."

Anna Ellerin, D.D.S.
Westwood, NJ

"My experience with my AFTCO Analyst and AFTCO over the last year has been excellent! Having a rural practice I had figured it would take 2-3 years to find the right buyer, however after about a year my practice sold in a smooth and uneventful transition. I attribute this to my AFTCO Analyst's experience and numerous contacts with potential buyers. I felt that he was attentive and fair from both the seller's and buyer's perspective."

Michael W. Davis, D.M.D.
Marble, NC

"My AFTCO Analyst was well informed and incredibly easy to work with. The transition went smoothly with no surprises. Thank you AFTCO!"

John Stites, D.D.S.
Crossville, TN

"AFTCO knows the business inside and out with a ton of experience to draw on when necessary. I always felt like my AFTCO Analyst would get the job done!"

Fred A. Landgrebe, D.D.S.
Mandan, ND

"From start to finish AFTCO's Analysts made my transition easy. They were attentive, responsive, and had all of the answers to my questions."

Jack L. Alexander, D.D.S.
Tucson, AZ

"The in-depth support provided by AFTCO's experience, the critical and accurate analysis and the comprehensive bilateral contracts were all combined to form a fair and trouble-free transaction for both parties involved."

Kenneth L. Shackle
Hilton Head Island, SC