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"My career has soared to levels beyond my expectations in a relatively short period of time. AFTCO's trained and qualified analysts gave me insight into the internal workings of the dental profession and have always been there to help when I needed it."

Joe W. Tynes, D.D.S.
Hurst, TX

"I really appreciate the fact that AFTCO was there to keep everything on a fair and equitable basis. They were truly interested in and attentive to my needs and goals. I recommend AFTCO's dual representation approach without qualification."

Ira Morrow, D.M.D.
Yonkers, NY

"My AFTCO Analysts were very adept at their knowledge and devotion to achieving our goal of finding a good associate."

William Laney, D.M.D.
Cheraw, SC

"Great service!"

Khudsia M. Hyder, D.D.S.
Richmond, VA

"AFTCO helped coordinate my search, negotiation, and eventual purchase of a dental practice. I offer my highest recommendation to anyone who may be considering AFTCO's services in any capacity."

Jonny Fisher, D.D.S.
Spokane, WA

"AFTCO was very thorough in the evaluation of my practice. I would definitely recommend AFTCO again for any type of practice transition."

John P. Benjamin Jr., D.D.S.
Alexandria, LA