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"AFTCO provided a clear path that my purchaser and me could take. Thanks AFTCO for a job well done!"

Thomas T. Willis, D.M.D.
Decatur, AL

"My AFTCO Analyst was extremely attentive. He always returned my phone calls promptly, kept me aware of negotiations and was there through the entire process. On a scale of 1-10, AFTCO gets an 11."

Lewis Towsky, D.D.S.
Deerfield Beach, FL

"I was impressed from the first encounter with my AFTCO Analyst. Her depth of knowledge, her professionalism and her prompt return of phone calls and emails made the entire transition process less stressful. I would have no hesitation about recommending AFTCO to anyone seeking a practice transition."

David N. Taft, D.M.D.
Brunswick, ME

"My AFTCO Analyst is one of the most knowledgeable, fair and professional partners. There are never any surprises. I would not hesitate to recommend AFTCO to either a solo dentist or scaling entity as a source for acquiring a dental practice."

Mark D. Lassiter Sr., D.D.S.
Norwood, NC

"AFTCO helped coordinate my search, negotiation, and eventual purchase of a dental practice. I offer my highest recommendation to anyone who may be considering AFTCO's services in any capacity."

Jonny Fisher, D.D.S.
Spokane, WA

"I really appreciate the fact that AFTCO was there to keep everything on a fair and equitable basis. They were truly interested in and attentive to my needs and goals. I recommend AFTCO's dual representation approach without qualification."

Patrick F. Capozzi, D.D.S.
Concord, NH