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Should a Recent Graduate buy a $1,000,000 Practice?

A recent dental graduate had an opportunity to purchase a large practice (over $1,000,000 of annual gross income) in his chosen area. The practice represented a once in a lifetime opportunity that would place him years ahead of all his classmates, in both practice size and income. The current owner wanted to change careers and would continue to practice two days a week for a few years while building a new and different business.
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A Diamond in the Rough

Ask a recent dental graduate for a description of the practice he or she would like to purchase, and you will hear, “I want a high-quality crown and bridge practice, in the best area of town, where I can do my kind of work on my type of patients.” For that matter, it would be amazing if a purchaser ever had a different response. Vanity is usually the reason he or she wants to purchase this kind of practice, but is it the best opportunity?
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Locating the Right Practice for You

Choosing Economics over Geography
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Closing Announcements

Mili D. Patel, D.M.D. has acquired the practice of Dan S. Blackwelder, D.D.S.
- Tampa, FL

Ringo Leung, D.D.S. has acquired the practice of William F. Smutzer, D.D.S.
- Munster, IN

Jared S. Kenwood, D.D.S. has acquired the practice of Don E. Millner, D.D.S.
- Yardley, PA

Mark D. Lassiter Sr., D.D.S. and Jonathan C. Allen Jr., D.D.S. have acquired the practice of Robin D. Johnson, D.D.S.
- Monroe, NC

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Client Testimonials

"We could not have been more pleased with our AFTCO Analyst. He was invaluable in making this practice sale. I will highly recommend him to anyone I know is involved in selling a practice."

John M. Burd, D.M.D.
Mint Hill, NC

"My AFTCO Analyst did an excellent job with helping guide me through the transition process! I would highly recommend AFTCO to anyone who is looking to sell their practice."

Jason W. Mullen, D.D.S.
Clayton, NC

"My AFTCO Analyst was very knowledgeable and helped the entire process go as smooth as possible."

Zainab T. Wilson, D.D.S.
Oak Park, IL

"Overall it was a great experience. My AFTCO Analyst was very knowledgeable about the process from start to finish. He also put us in contact with people to help us move the process along. The due diligence that was given to us for the practice we purchased allowed us to analyze and make the decision of purchasing much easier. We look forward to working with My AFTCO Analyst and AFTCO again in the future."

Jeff McGee
Tucson, AZ