At one time or another, everyone has given thought to "what if" as it relates to his/her choice of careers. For the average person, curiosity can be satisfied by merely changing jobs. It is not so, however, for dentists. The time, labor, and financial demands of a dental practice act as an obstacle to committing the time and energy necessary for a career change. Also, the loss of income and the relentless overhead expenses can create staggering negative cash flow while the dentist is away from the office to pursue another career. Private practice's economic demands often overshadow career peaks and/or job dissatisfaction; therefore, change seems impossible.

AFTCO is proud to have developed a program designed to enable a dentist to maintain his/her current income level and still pursue another career. This program offers dentists many options never before available. Consider the following benefits:

• Transition your practice and continue to work as much as necessary to maintain your current income level during the transition period between careers. Most dentists find that they can produce as much income following the practice transition in HALF the time.

• Coordinate decreasing your practice schedule as your new career choice becomes financially viable. Have the satisfaction of making that career change with little or no economic loss to you or your family.

• Your current patients will be assured of continuous treatment in your absence from the office.

• Eliminates negative cash-flow that would typically result from your absence from the office (since you will not be responsible for the practice's operating expenses anymore).

• Receive and protect your practice's highest equitable value by selling while your production is at its highest.

• Earn a passive income from your practice by changing your practice from a non-interest-bearing asset into an interest-bearing asset.

• Set your flexible practice schedule that allows you the time needed to pursue your other career choice.

• Protect your practice value from your untimely death or disability through AFTCO's PreSale program.

• Your identity and purpose remain confidential until the purchasing party accepts all the terms of the transaction.

It is one of the most successful programs developed by AFTCO for dentists. It has allowed many dentists to answer that question, "What would have happened if..." It's time to call AFTCO. Call 800-232-3826 or visit our website at

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