“Yes Sir, five more years, and that’s it! I’m going to quit practicing dentistry; I’ll be out of it for good, finished, through.” This is the phrase most commonly used by virtually all dentists who have been in practice for over twenty years. If they could only hear themselves and most of their colleagues saying the same thing, they might think twice about saying it. And you’d better believe they mean it because they do, at least at that moment they do.

Do you know what you will hear if you come back three years from now and ask this very same dentist how long he or she intends upon practicing? That’s right; they will say, “Yes, Sir, just five more years, and that’s it! I’m out; I’m through.” And three or four years after that, you’ll still hear the same thing again.

Why do all dentists say “just five more years” you might ask... because five more years represents an acceptable period that dentists can psychologically handle doing something they don’t like doing. It makes life more bearable, making yourself believe you will only spend just five more years practicing something you are tired of. It is also a way to put off the need to make decisions about the future.

Dentists don’t like to make decisions, especially when they need to be made about their practice and future. If they are unhappy with their present situation, they will lie and try to convince themselves and everyone else that might ask that they only have to practice dentistry for “just five more years.”

Change is always difficult, even if such change can considerably improve one’s “Quality of Life.” Change can open the doors to better things and the unknown— and we are all aware of how we fear the unknown. By telling yourself that you will practice for only “five more years,” you can put off making decisions now for your future. When you think about it, however, “no decision” is a decision.

“After all, just five more years can’t be all that bad. Heck, I’ve worked twenty or more years already, so working five more years can’t be so bad. Yeah, that’s it, just five more years. I can hang in there that long. It’s a sure thing, a piece of cake. I’ll set some money aside in the future, and then I’ll decide what to do with my life. Yeah, just five more years and then...”

It’s time to talk about your future and improve your “Quality of Life” NOW. Make your life better for the next five years and even the rest of your life, starting now, not in five years! You deserve it; you’ve worked hard enough. You’ve proved to the world that you can take it and can make it. Act now.

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