We get requests from many dentists wanting to acquire a dental practice, “I want to practice dentistry in XXXX city or town and nowhere else!” Of course, the location they select is usually one where everyone else also wants to practice, and many dentists are already practicing there. That area is already likely to be over-populated with dentists, but the decision to locate there is more emotional rather than logical. Is it important for dentists to prioritize their choices, such as should geographic desirability get more consideration than your family's economic needs?

Most dentists want to live and practice in a particular city or town, and rule number one for selecting a location is that you don’t want to practice in the town you reside in. The average dental practice will have 1,500 to 2,000 active patients, and you can't remember all of their names; you are their dentist, and one person, your patients will remember you, but not vice-versa. When you live and practice in the same town, there is no privacy for you; too many people know you, so you sacrifice anonymity for geographic choice.

For example, should you choose to take your spouse and children out to a restaurant some night, you will inevitably be seen by one or two patients who will come by and greet you by name. Then you’ll sit there very uncomfortable because you cannot remember their name or names, and therefore you cannot introduce that patient to your family. You will have some embarrassing moments instead of just a quiet night out with the family.

If you have chosen a specific area where you wish to live and raise your family, use that area as a hub for your practice search. Look for a practice opportunity within a 10-mile radius of that location (so you travel against traffic if possible). You will learn to appreciate the anonymity that comes with that convenient distance, and you can explore many more practice opportunities because you have broadened your search area. The larger the area, the greater the chances of finding an even better and financially more rewarding practice opportunity.

Choose the area where you wish to live and raise your family, but when it comes to planning your future, focus on the best financially sound opportunity available. You and your family’s future “Quality of Life” depends on you making the right choice. Call AFTCO today at 1-800-232-3826 or visit our website at www.AFTCO.net. It’s time to call AFTCO!

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