AFTCO has the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary for a practice owner to ultimately realize the full, fair market value from the sale of his/her dental practice. AFTCO offers:

FREE APPRAISALS AND PROFORMAS: AFTCO has a computerized ten-year income and expense proforma that demonstrates your practice's actual net income potential. The proforma provides purchaser motivation to pay the maximum fair market value for your practice.

ADJUSTED INCOME STATEMENTS: Look at the tax returns for your practice. If your accountant has done a good job minimizing your taxes, you will not show much profit to minimize taxes. A purchaser will want to review your business tax returns. Now think about explaining this unprofitability to a buyer-candidate. AFTCO has developed methods for categorizing real and elective expenses from the information on your tax returns that explain the "true, net profitability" of your practice.

PURCHASER EDUCATION AND PREPARATION: Practices are not bought... they are sold! No doctors are walking around with pockets brimming with cash just looking for a practice to buy. AFTCO educates purchaser candidates as to the value of buying a practice before they are even introduced to a seller. An educated purchaser is better prepared to pay the fair market value for your practice.

DUAL REPRESENTATION: Seller and buyers are natural adversaries. You can try to convince the purchaser that your practice is worth your price and terms, but they will not listen to you. The purchaser's advisor will say that the price is too high or the terms are not acceptable. You cannot "negotiate" fairness; you can only negotiate a compromise. Compromising your objective to complete a practice sale is not worth the money you are trying to save. AFTCO's Equitable Transaction policy through Dual Representation can neutralize the typical adversarial process and allow the transaction to be finalized without compromise by either party.

SELLING PRICE: AFTCO clients are paid an average of up to 25% more for their practice than those who use a "practice broker" or tries to sell their practices themselves.

CLOSING SUCCESS: The average practice broker closes 22% of all of their practice listings, and usually at a price that is substantially below its appraised value. A doctor attempting to sell his or her practice using the adversarial process stands less than a 10% chance of completing the transaction. AFTCO closes an average of 92% of all its listings, and 98% of all practices sold are sold for AFTCO's full appraised value.

EXPERIENCE: AFTCO sells more practices every year than most other firms will sell during the entire duration of their business. Combine inexperience and unilateral advice with an adversarial environment, and you have a recipe for a costly, failed transaction. Nothing replaces experience, and AFTCO has the most experience in this field.

AFTCO has the knowledge and has developed the tools needed to get the maximum fair market value for your practice. Suppose you try to sell your practice yourself. In that case, it will cost you thousands of dollars in lost time, unnecessary legal and accounting fees for uncompleted transactions, and months of frustration dealing with unqualified buyers who want to "negotiate" every facet of the transaction. You will end up with less money and more aggravation trying to do it yourself. Call AFTCO today at 800-232-3826 or visit our website at It's time to call AFTCO!

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