The following scenario is a sales pitch made by an equipment salesman who was trying to convince a young dentist to start-up a new practice from scratch, which is the equivalent of paying $500,000 for a practice that has no patients! Here's the pitch:

"Yes sir, doctor! We’ve got just the right dental practice for you to buy. This office is brand new, all the furniture and equipment is fresh from the manufacturer’s showroom. It has all the supplies you will need for years! Look at the carpeting and wall coverings; isn't it beautiful? Look at the view from your office window, isn’t it great! Just pay $500,000, and it’s all yours! It’s so easy, just step right up and sign on the dotted line! We have a leasing company that will lease you the whole office and everything in it if you'd like. It won’t cost you a dime on the front end!”

Where are the patients you ask? Who needs to worry about patients when you have all this new dental equipment and furniture? No, this is a practice that was designed without regard to patients, and it costs only $500,000! You couldn’t ask for a better deal than that, now could you? Why do you want a bunch of patients anyhow? They will just clutter your office; they’ll drag mud in from the street and dirty your new carpets! Your dental equipment will become "used" if you have patients! This is a practice without patients and you should be proud to own it.

“Money! Do you need to make money? For what? You’re a doctor, aren’t you? You are rich, aren’t you? I’ve heard that all doctors are rich, or they should be! Why are you so interested in making money anyhow? You need to earn money to pay for the office overhead and your living expenses? I didn’t think about that! So you’re one of those doctors who needs to work to pay for an office, and you need patients to work on! That’s an interesting idea!”

“Well then, don’t worry about patients. When they see your new office, they will be begging for the chance to see you! Patients love new dental offices. They can’t wait for a new dentist to move to town and open a new office so they can leave their current dentist (who they have seen for years) and start seeing the new dentist in town! People love to change dentists!”

“What’s that you say? Are you thinking about buying an established practice? Why would you want to do that? Why buy a used practice when you can buy new equipment? You don’t want used equipment, do you? You want to build your practice your way, don’t you?

Patients! An established practice already has patients? You mean you can make money from the very first day if you buy an established practice? You mean to say that there is virtually no risk to buying an established practice and you can earn millions of dollars more in your lifetime by purchasing an existing practice? They didn’t tell us that when we were trained to sell equipment!”

“No, you probably won’t make much money if you buy my new, no patient practice, but what good is a lot of money anyway! Buying my new practice without patients offers a different set of experiences like the excitement of wondering where the money is going to come from to pay next month’s bills! There is nothing like the excitement of trying to explain to your spouse why you can’t afford to eat next week! Dodging bill collectors can get the adrenaline flowing! If things get too bad, you can just move your family into your new office for a few years until the cash flow catches up! With no patients, at least you won’t have to worry about them getting in your way after you move into the office!”

“Well, you’ve got a choice. You either want to start a new practice without patients for $500,000 and risk it all (just like John Wayne would have done), or you can play it safe and buy an existing practice and make a lot of money! That just doesn’t sound that exciting to me! I love risk! Just as long as it is your risk... not mine!”

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