Client Testimonials

"My AFTCO Analyst's professional and genuine interest in my practice transition made the process very easy. I felt very fortunate to have his guidance throughout the entire process. I would recommend my AFTCO Analyst highly."

John S. Taylor, D.D.S.
Henderson, TX

"I worked with my AFTCO Analyst on a practice where she represented a deceased dentist. My AFTCO Analyst did an amazing job in selling the practice in a timely manner. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of a dental practice acquisition. I would recommend my AFTCO Analyst to anyone who wanted to purchase or sell a dental practice."

Michael L. Greenbaum, D.D.S.
Great Neck, NY

"My experience with AFTCO was excellent from start to finish. My AFTCO Analyst was very easy to get along with and communication was always open. I would recommend the services of AFTCO for selling your practice."

Robert D. Ruiz, D.D.S.
El Paso, TX

"My AFTCO Analysts were amazing! They found me a great practice and helped me from start to finish. They made it clear I could ask them anything and were fair and professional through the entire process."

Christopher J. Wahlers, D.M.D.
East Norriton, PA

AFTCO participates in a wide array of events every year. Below is a list of events AFTCO will be attending.

April 2016

  • April 28 - April 30 :
    Minnesota Dental Association
    Star of the North - Booth 224
    St. Paul, MN
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  • April 28 - April 29 :
    South Carolina Dental Association
    Annual Session - Booth 22
    Hilton Head Island, SC
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May 2016

  • May 06 - May 07 :
    New Jersey Dental Association
    Garden State Dental Conference & Expo - Booth 603
    Princeton, NJ
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  • May 12 - May 13 :
    South Dakota Dental Association
    Annual Session
    Rapid City, SD
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  • May 19 - May 20 :
    North Carolina Dental Society
    Annual Session - Booth 38
    Myrtle Beach, SC
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  • May 19 - May 21 :
    Tennessee Dental Association
    Music City Dental Conference (TN) - Booth 57
    Nashville, TN
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June 2016

  • June 16 - June 18 :
    Florida Dental Association
    Florida National Dental Convention - Booth 515
    Kissimmee, FL
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August 2016

  • August 11 - August 13 :
    Dallas County Dental Society
    Southwest Dental Conference - Booth 219
    Dallas, TX
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September 2016

  • September 15 - September 17 :
    Ohio Dental Association
    Annual Session - Booth 605
    Columbus, OH
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November 2016

  • November 27 - November 30 :
    New York County Dental Society
    Greater New York Dental Meeting
    New York, NY
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January 2017

  • January 26 - January 28 :
    Massachusetts Dental Society
    Yankee Dental Congress
    Boston, MA
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February 2017

  • February 23 - February 25 :
    Chicago Dental Society
    Midwinter Meeting
    Chicago, IL
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March 2017

  • March 08 - March 10 :
    Valley Forge Second District Dental Association
    Valley Forge Dental Conference
    King of Prussia, PA
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  • March 23 - March 25 :
    Hinman Dental Society
    Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting
    Atlanta, GA
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  • March 29 - March 30 :
    Bronx County Dental Society
    Big Apple Dental Meeting
    , NJ
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