Client Testimonials

"My AFTCO analyst was extremely helpful in my transition. I am very satisfied with his work to make it happen!"

Ronald C. Shrum, D.D.S.
Blue Springs, MO

"My AFTCO Analysts asked about, understood, and showed a caring attitude about the professional and personal needs that were involved in my search for the right practice. They displayed this compassion during every step of the process."

Andrew J. Krantz, D.D.S.
New Castle, PA

"When I contracted with AFTCO to sell my practice I believed that the company's representation of both buyer and seller would make for a smoother, less adversarial transaction and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. My AFTCO Analyst was fantastic; she is knowledgeable in all aspects and always available to address the inevitable questions and concerns that arose during negotiations. I would not hesitate to recommend AFTCO to any of my colleagues."

Joseph A. Bocian, D.M.D.
East Brunswick, NJ

"My experience with AFTCO during the sale of my practice was a positive one. I found my AFTCO Analyst to be very knowledgable from both the seller's and buyer's viewpoints. He communicated with me regularly and kept me updated as things developed. His professionalism and courteous style were greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend AFTCO."

Donald R. Dietrich, D.M.D.
York, PA

Closing Announcements

Paul M. Leatham, D.M.D. has acquired the practice of Ronald L. McCormick, D.D.S.
- Tucson, AZ

Bilal Manzur, D.M.D. has acquired the practice of Michelle Morrow, D.M.D.
- Dawsonville, GA

James W. Bolton III, D.D.S. , Kevin L. Neal, D.D.S. , and Michael C. Winter, D.D.S. have acquired the practice of Pamela J. Skaff, D.D.S.
- Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Pranati G. Tati, D.M.D. has acquired the practice of James A. Mowery, D.M.D.
- Carlisle, PA

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Ask The Experts

What is a professional corporation and can it own a dental practice and/or its goodwill?

A professional corporation is a State chartered and regulated business entity formed for the purpose of conducting a business (or professional practice)...
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How much would you adjust (lower) an appraisal for a dental office located in a shopping center?

I don't believe there is anything wrong with a shopping center location (unless it is runned down and there is no major grocery store tenant)...
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What should the overhead percentage be for a general dental practice?

When you recognize the clinical and management compensation as an overhead expense, the overhead percentage should be 80% to 85% of annual gross collections for a well run general dental practice.
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