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Just Five More Years

“Yes, sir, five more years, and that’s it! I’m going to quit practicing dentistry, I’ll be out of it for good, finished, through.”...
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Selling My Practice Myself

Dr. Do-It-Yourself has been attempting to sell his dental practice for the past eighteen months. He is determined not to use a professional firm to sell his practice. He dislikes the idea of paying a fee for this service even if it saves him time and he will ultimately receive more money from the sale. He feels that people in a fee for service business are living off other peoples’ honest, hard-working labor. He is not going to let anyone else make any money from the sale of his dental practice!
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Ask The Experts

What is practice equity and how does it affect my net worth?

Practice equity is a measurement of the net value of your dental practice, which is always based on a percentage of the annual gross collections of your practice.
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What makes a potentially good transaction go bad?

There are many different reasons for what seems like a perfect transaction to go bad.
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Should I sign an offer to purchase that contains an "Exclusive Negotiating Period"?

No, never!
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Loan Amortization Calculator

This loan amortization calculator shows you the breakdown between principal and interest in your loan payments. Each calculation shows you amortization tables with complete amortization schedules for the loan.

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Ever wonder what happened to your dental classmates? Find them now with the AFTCO Dental Alumni Search. Choose your school and year of graduation for search results.

Closing Announcements

Payal M. Patel, D.M.D. has acquired the practice of Jeffery C. Cole, D.D.S.
- Burien, WA

Archana S. Yogish, D.D.S. has acquired the practice of Brian T. Le, D.D.S.
- Burleson, TX

Jacqueline L. West, D.M.D. has acquired the practice of Milton A. Magos, D.M.D.
- Jacksonville, FL

Client Testimonials

"My AFTCO Analyst was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and wonderful to deal with. I would highly recommend her to anyone I know that is considering selling their pratice. She is a great asset to AFTCO."

William J. Baron, D.M.D.
Rockaway, NJ

"My transition was most professional. My AFTCO Analyst patiently worked with my situation and found the absolute perfect practitioner to assume my practice. I feel very fortunate this worked out so well for me, my family, patients, and the new doctor."

Michael G. Justice, D.D.S.
Asheville, NC

"My experience with AFTCO was excellent from start to finish. My AFTCO Analyst was very easy to get along with and communication was always open. I would recommend the services of AFTCO for selling your practice."

Robert D. Ruiz, D.D.S.
El Paso, TX