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Inwood, Inwood and Berkeley Springs and Surrounding Areas, WV

Candidate Id: WV-1207
Specialty: General Practice

EXPERIENCED AND COMPASSIONATE BUYER: Experienced practice owner with a long history of servicing underprivileged communities in WV and Mexico is looking for an opportunity to purchase a second location to serve his community. He is a long-time community member who donates one day a month to seniors so they can get their much-needed dental care. See More

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Des Moines, IA

Candidate Id: IA-1205
Specialty: General Practice

HIGHLY QUALIFIED PURCHASERS: AFTCO is currently representing several purchasers who are interested in acquiring practices in your area. Our purchasers are looking for a range of practices, big and small, and are open to various types of transitions, including sellers staying on in a post-sale. We understand that selling your practice can be a co See More

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Hampton, Jasper, Beaufort, Horry Counties, SC

Candidate Id: SC-1204
Specialty: General Practice

SERIOUS PURCHASER/EXPERIENCED PRACTITIONER: A local practice owner with years of experience is looking to acquire a practice. They are open to any practice with 4 or more ops and collections over $500K. They are flexible with the seller staying on post-sale or walking away. They are looking to expand their footprint in the area. They are open to See More

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Council Bluffs Area, IA

Candidate Id: IA-1203
Specialty: General Practice

EXCELLENT CANDIDATE: This 2014 University of Michigan School of Dentistry graduate has excelled in their career as a dentist. They have consistently been a top producer and is now ready for practice ownership. They would like to buy a practice collecting over $450K. They prefer a practice that is mostly FFS/PPO. Flexible with the location if it See More

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Westchester County, NY

Candidate Id: NY-1202
Specialty: Pediatric Dentistry

EXPERIENCED PRACTITIONER: NYU grad with several years of experience working with patients is now ready to buy their own practice. They are looking to acquire a practice with 6 or more ops, but is willing to look at practices with as little as 4 ops if the practice presents a great opportunity for growth. They are looking for a patient base that See More

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